Education & Outreach

We love to bring
young people from
all cultural

We wholeheartedly believe that comedy, theatre, getting creative together — and good, frank conversations — can break through misunderstanding and create empathy.
Our work in the community includes:

School, outreach and university workshops, projects and performances

Creative residencies

Upstarts workshops for new actors

Performances with post-show discussion at dinners, performance and cultural events
(e.g. City Circle/Winter Limmud)

Our skilled team includes performers, facilitators and teachers, and our workshops tackle thorny issues around cohesion, faith and tolerance with a light touch.
We offer these workshops:
Sketch performances/workshops on racial stereotypes
and social issues

Writing/devising workshops encouraging creativity

Workshops/talks on how MUJU successfully creates mixed faith events

Our education work is not currently funded so please do email us if you are interested in a project and we can discuss how to deliver it with you.

It's always nice when the teachers are impressed!

It's always nice when teachers are impressed!

‘It’s a very powerful way of interacting – as the nature of the task allows students to embody others and therefore more openly interact with others whilst in character – this helps breakdown barriers.’

Director of Learning – Humanities & Sports, Eden Girls School

‘A highlight for me was when the excitement and enthusiasm displayed by the girls during the collaborative process of devising their drama work. The confidence that developed over the three days was totally commendable.’

Head of Creative and Expressive Arts Faculty, Jewish Community Secondary School (JCOSS)