Tunnel Vision (2005-6)

A comedy sketch show set in a tube carriage, Tunnel Vision cleverly tackles thorny issues including class, economic relations, and judging others. As the characters get on and off, they bring new  stories with their own unique lessons.    

Never preachy, Tunnel Vision encourages audiences to make up their own minds and attempt to understand why the characters feel and react in the way they do.  

Funny and moving, the show sold out twice at the Tricycle Theatre. MUJU has been asked to perform extracts from the play at a range of Muslim and Jewish community events including Alif Aleph  (House of Lords, 2005), South London Limmud (2006), City Circle (Bishopsgate Institute, 2008).  

Using the show’s universal content and unique ability to engage minds and encourage independent thought, leading children’s charity One to One created an Educational Pack that can be used in Schools for Religious Education and Citizenship classes. Go to our EDUCATION & OUTREACH page to download the pack and find out more.