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We Make Thought-Provoking Theatre...

That Brings Together Muslims and Jews.

They are the Mu and Ju of MUJU, in case you were wondering. Bringing people of different faiths together in the pursuit of shared creative expression is what we live for. And we’re not going to lie, we’re on a mission to make change.

As Muslims and Jews ourselves, we deeply dislike the polarising narratives and representations we so often see in the mainstream media. They don’t sound like us, and they don’t show how we live our lives.

So, we’re trying to build an alternative voice, one that’s based on tolerance, reflection and not shying away from the difficult questions.

Muju's History

MUJU began life as the Tricycle Muslim Jewish Youth Theatre Group in 2004, with the support of the Tricycle Theatre, Pears Foundation and One to One Children Foundation. Our goal back then was to get young Muslims and Jews to come together for weekly drama workshops.
It didn’t take long for us to get our teeth into the issues we still care about today: race, religion, poverty, social justice and youth culture. Over time, our weekly workshops became a melting pot of ideas: Our inhibitions fell away and we became great friends.


After 3 years, 3 plays and the first upSTARTS Festival in 2008, the founding members of the workshops established the group as a registered charity, and MUJU was born.
MUJU’s work was formally recognised in November 2008 when the crew won the first Mosaic Talent Interfaith Award, presented by HRH Prince Charles.
Platforms for collaboration include comedy nights, writing commissions, arts festivals, community work and awareness-raising performances.

This is what we do. When we bring Muslims and Jews (and others) together to get into it creatively we’re having fun and – we hope – playing our part in changing unhelpful narratives.
It’s art and comedy with a social purpose. We’re buzzing about it – and we hope that we’ll move you and make you laugh too.
We love energy, collaboration and ideas – and we love working with people who bring that. Everyone is welcome so if you have an idea you can’t wait to share email us.

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